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5 Suggestions For Making Judges More Just

5 Suggestions For Making Judges More Just!

Steps to make judges fairer.

For the nation, which claims to maintain a basic balance of power.

  • notwithstanding the protection afforded by the Constitution in the United States, it appears to many that in recent years, while the Executive has gained much additional power and control, the other two branches (legislative and judicial) have lost much! How often, it does not seem, that many judges today, in particular, so many recent appointments, instead of reviewing cases, laws, and legality by judges, with an open mind, have walked in perspective, a partisan political approach, don't you remember when we respected most judges and because We felt the position deserved such respect, how many of us I believe, have witnessed, it seems that this change and the present composition, the Supreme Court, have lost the necessary degree of impartiality, and some of their decisions seem to be based more on politics than laws and constitution, and with that in mind, This article will attempt to summarize, examine, review and discuss them into 5 specific suggestions, to ensure that future judges will be more just, equitable and honest.

Term limits for all judges, including silences.

  • Unfortunately, we have discovered that for some of our courts the concept of lifetime appointments appears misleading, and we need to make specific and timely changes to address this.

The Supreme Court of the United States was not supposed to be political.

  • but rather an institution created to ensure checks and balances, so no single individual (especially the president), or branch of government, has much control. I think the members of any court, including That Supreme Court, rather than appointing them for life, would have to be somewhere between 12 and 20, and therefore, not a single president would be able to appoint many of them during his tenure. from the office.

A Permanent Bipartisan Federal Judicial Examination Panel.

  • Created by the American Bar Association We need an impartial, non-political bipartisan committee established by the American Bar Association (ABA) to vet all federal judges and appointed judges, only then will we ensure that the candidates are, alike, qualified and equitable, with an open mind, prioritizing, and serving the law, not party politics, court appointees, whether Democrat or Republican, should not be conservative, or liberal (progressive), but rather, they should be better equipped to interpret our laws fairly.

Judges of a higher rank.

  •  It is evidently difficult (as it ought to be) to find truly suitable individuals for these positions, and we must be sure, with certainty, of the justice and impartiality of judges whose duties include ensuring a just and impartial order.

    Stricter ethical rules are required.

    • Strictness, rules, and standards of morality must be required of judges, and the individuals holding these positions must not be interpreted or taken into account by a political body, but of the same kind of prestige. The committee is described in Issue 2.

      Nonpartisan Political Reviews.

      • In the same way, many companies periodically conduct employee reviews and appraisals, we need a system that allows, a similar type of review and judges.

      • Wake up America, this nation must ensure and maintain a true balance of power, or else we risk losing our way and our identity, will you demand better than a system that is supposed to serve our citizens and national interests.

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